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Next Steps

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For the past few years I have been thinking more and more about what type of work I want to pursue as a writer. I was still somewhat on the fence by the time I started college, but I am learning from my college courses that there are many paths I can take to utilize my writing skills and make a living for myself. 

After I graduate from college, I will conduct a job search for writing positions for newspapers and magazines and apply. I am now more familiar with this process since securing my position with Autism After 16, and I feel more confident in my ability to handle the application process. I will, however, need to practice the interview process as I am sure that some interviews will be required of me. My parents will help me, and I understand that there are agencies that can help train me. I will look into this after I graduate. I hope to pick up multiple writing assignments on top of what I am already contributing to this site. 

There are many types of publications I would like to work for because I have many different interests. I would like to work for newspapers and magazines because I think there is something intriguing about working in a traditional medium that has been around for ages, especially since it is actually changing all the time. Many newspapers and magazines currently have websites where they publish much of the same content that their physical forms have, and I feel that more people visit these websites than read their physical counterparts. In addition, I believe that as I gain experience with these organizations, I might receive more prestigious assignments such as writing news stories or have a regular column of my own.   

I could also choose to pursue other routes as a freelance writer and take on technical and advertising projects. I might end up writing packaging instructions for manufacturers, professional biographies for notable individuals, press releases for different products and services that are being presented to the public for the first time, and other such written material. Writing these types of assignments may help supplement my income.      

I am also interested in writing short stories, novels, children’s books, and other creative projects. Another genre that I have always enjoyed and have had some experience writing is poetry. I would love to see my work published one day. However, I understand that this process could take a long time to produce any lasting success or monetary results. One of my personal heroes, Theodore “Dr. Seuss” Geisel, was rejected by 27 different publishers before someone agreed to publish his first book. I know that I will need a steady income in order to live, so I if I do decide to take on larger projects like a book series or novel, I will have to do other types of writing as well.

I feel that I have a good grasp of the basics of writing, and the knowledge about different styles of writing that I have learned about in college has helped me to refine my skills. I feel that I could make a good living through writing, but I am still unsure of what twists and turns my career path will take. I believe that if I keep an open mind and attempt to do as much as I can in all the different areas of writing, I will be able to make a very good living doing what I love. I want to make the most of the opportunities that come my way, and I feel these opportunities are limitless.