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Ohio Roadmap

Ohio map with I-Phone GPS.


At Age 16

  • Read our article on Transition.
  • Read our articles on Finances, Public and Private.
  • Visit the Ohio Department of Education website. Find out what the requirements for graduation with a regular diploma are. Students in Ohio must pass exit exams to graduate.
  • Meet with your child’s IEP team to discuss the Transition Plan. Visit the Wrightslaw website to get a better understanding of your child’s rights at Transition.
  • Ask the school’s Transition Services Coordinator or your chlid’s IEP team leader to contact the Ohio Rehabilitation Services Commission and request that a representative attend the next IEP meeting. Alternatively, contact them yourself to make the request.
  • Contact the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilites to find out what supports may be available for your child, at what age your child may apply for services, and how long the waiting list is for those services.
  • Visit the website of the Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates (COPAA) if you wish to hire someone to help you advocate with your school system.


At Age 17


One Year Before High School Graduation


At Age 21

All Along the Way