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Legal Aid

Man talking with attorney who hold documents.

As my journey through adulthood continues, I am constantly becoming aware of new and unfamiliar responsibilities as they present themselves. As a case in point, a circumstance arose which made it necessary for me to directly participate in a personal legal matter. This required, for the first time, that I engage the services of an attorney on my own behalf.

Up to this point in my life, my parents have handled any and all of my legal concerns. As a result, I was unsure of how a meeting of this type would come together and what would be required of me. The scenario that kept playing out in my mind involved the lawyer speaking in pure “legalese.” I imagined him using complicated terminology which would be well above my ability to comprehend. I was also afraid that I would be unable to effectively articulate my needs and wishes. This left me feeling intimidated.

Prior to the meeting, however, I spoke with my parents about what I should expect and the documents that would be executed that day. My parents helped me to understand what the documents were, what they meant to me and my future, and how they would be addressed during the meeting. Thus when the time came to meet with the lawyer, I had a clearer understanding of the steps that would be carried out. However, I still felt nervous even though I knew I would have the support of my parents during the meeting. I was confident that the legal documents would be easy to work with, but I was still unsure of how I would interact with the lawyer. I knew that he was an acquaintance of my father’s, but I had never personally met him. 

To my great surprise, the meeting went very well. The lawyer’s office was quite spacious: the walls were filled to the brim with bookshelves containing books which detailed state laws, courtroom etiquette, decades’ worth of old cases, and other legal matters. Sunlight streamed in from a nearby window, making the entire room seem homey—an unexpected but welcome feeling. The attorney himself was just as friendly as his conference room; we spoke a bit about our lives while we reviewed the documents’ details and my feelings of nervousness quickly disappeared. He went to great lengths to ensure that I understood everything and was satisfied that the documents reflected my needs and desires. In the end, there were no complications and the process was completed in a timely manner. I feel assured that both my future interests and I are fully protected. Furthermore, as a result of such a positive professional experience, I believe I have added a new member to my support team. As the events of my life continue to unfold, I am reminded that I need to be aware that there are still numerous experiences, situations, and obligations ahead of me. They will require my attention and, quite possibly, professional assistance. My first experience with an attorney has left me hopeful that I will be able to find any legal help I need as I require it.