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Tired of Fast Food

Plate of hamburger and french fries with yellow "Caution tape" over it.

Spring is here and summer is on our doorstep. There are more activities that Cody and Stephen can do. But we’ve been noticing with Stephen’s earlier starting time and later quitting time that Cody is looking a bit weary. Bear in mind he’s been out of the habit of getting up early every day since his high school days. For six of the last seven years he’s been at home every day where he could retire to his room at will. Those days are gone now and he’s now in the process of being acclimated to the adult world of being responsible, doing household chores, waking at an earlier hour and staying on the go for six hours a day, five days a week. Stephen is coming four days a week and Cody rides with his grandmother to Grammy’s house on Tuesday. Sometimes I wonder if it may be too much.

But am I being overprotective? Things are going so well. Cody is leading a much fuller life than he has in years. And he enjoys all the activities he and Stephen do together. And if I curtail it now then how will it affect the hours the state has allotted him? I certainly don’t want to do anything to mess that up. We worked too hard to get it.

Cody is going to bed earlier at his own request and we of course don’t question that. But even on the weekends we are noticing that he still likes to go to bed rather early and still sleep in late. One thing that we also took note of is that Cody has had about a five-pound weight gain in the last couple of weeks.

Cody’s weight is something we keep a close eye on. There was a time when he was nearing the 300-pound mark. We tried diets and gyms and everything we could think of to help him bring the number on the scale back down. Then Cody started paying special attention to news segments that spoke specifically about diabetes and heart disease and how obesity can be a major contributing factor to both. His father is borderline diabetic and so is his grandfather. He has heard much discussion of it and quite frankly, it scared him. He took it upon himself to do something about his weight.

When Cody was at the table instead of cleaning his plate all the way, he started leaving a few bites of food at each meal. Then he would say quite emphatically, “I’m done!” It wasn’t enough to cause concern so we didn’t question it. Over time we started noticing his weight dropping. Of course as the pounds began to melt away, Cody felt more energetic. He began engaging in more physical activity. So then his weight started dropping more quickly. And we were very proud of him! By the end of one year’s time, he was down to about 220.

Since then he has leveled off at about 205. Given his bone structure and height, he’s still a tad on the heavy side but all in all it’s not bad. But this week when we saw him acting sluggish and then saw the scale hit the 210 mark, Bill and I wondered if the two might not go hand in hand.

Our family is not big on fast food or prepackaged foods. The preservatives and fat content in them is, as we all know, atrocious. So we eat mainly whole foods with ingredients that we scrutinize before we add them. But Bill and I are not sticklers about Cody going out to eat at his favorite restaurants once in a while. We want him to be able to enjoy life and have fun. However, given the kind of meals Cody is used to, more than once in a while would not be such a good thing.

Upon checking receipts Stephen brings back from their outings, it turns out that they had been hitting the fast food track pretty regular over the last couple of weeks.

I told Stephen about Cody’s weight gain and asked that they have more lunches at home. Stephen apologized but I wasn’t blaming him. He was simply doing his job.

Truthfully, it is easy for me to look past something like this when I see my son getting so much more out of life than he has in the past seven years. I’m just thankful we caught this small problem early and that it can be easily corrected without hindering all the progress Cody has made.