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Feelin' Alright

Illustration of hand making "OK" symbol with words "Everything will be OK."

It seems as though the past month has been nothing but worry for me when it comes to Cameron’s future. I feel I’m no closer to resolving what happens to Cameron after graduation next month than I was when I began contemplating this conundrum more than two years ago. I have to resist the urge to punch something when I hear, “Everything will be alright.” (Oh yeah? Right … everything will be alright. But unfortunately, I don’t have the luxury of just sitting around and waiting for that “alright” scenario to drop in my lap!) Thankfully, I’m managing to keep the thought bubbles in their bubbles and my aggression fantasies haven’t manifested themselves in assault and battery charges … yet.

Just when I feared having to remove myself from the weekly column rotation for lack of anything nice to say—after all, “woe is me” does not a column make—I finally have some good news to report: Cameron has been offered a paid internship at the Smithsonian this summer! But wait! There’s more! Cameron asked a date to the prom! Both of these opportunities happened on the same day, and my Facebook status on the subject has been, by far, my most liked status to date.

The internship details are still to be determined. What we know so far is that he will be working with the staff of the All Access Digital Arts Camp, which is the same camp Cameron attended as a participant in 2011. Cameron will be working with a team putting together this summer’s program. I’m thrilled for this opportunity. Cameron promises he’ll be thrilled too, once he finds out the hours he’ll be working. (I have a sneaking suspicion that the start time might have some bearing on his enthusiasm.)

I am equally thrilled about Cameron’s date for the prom. It took some not-so-subtle planting of the idea in his head and some not-so-subtle encouragement, but the not-so-subtle plan worked! It was a tag team effort between my husband and me … hubby with the conversation about dating on the way to pick up Chinese food, me with the follow up a few days later about having a date for his last prom, Cameron with the protest, “I’m just not ready for a relationship.” It took some explaining to make sure Cameron understood the concept of a date. (You don’t have to kiss a girl when you’re on a date.) With some encouragement, he finally committed to asking the girl. The “prom proposal” wasn’t exactly You Tube worthy. (He asked via text message. Is that so bad?) But it all worked out in the end. She said yes.

A few rays of good news can certainly change your perspective. Suddenly “Everything will be alright” doesn’t seem like such a platitude anymore. I’ve noticed a spike in my creativity when thinking about options for Cameron. The good news is there are still options out there. I don’t throw my head on my keyboard in despair (that much) anymore. I’m feeling pretty alright at the moment.

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Kim (not verified)

That is really great news!

That is really great news! I remember when my son Michael (Aspergers/HFA), now 25, was that age. It took us a bit, but he hit his groove at 19. He has been working for almost 6 years now for a wonderful man. They are a 2 man hardwood floor installation crew. His boss still calls on occasion for help sorting something out, but for the most part Michael works independently. Driving. . . That is still on our maybe someday list.