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Looking Forward

Date book with job interview marked with red pen.

The fall season has arrived, but my life has changed greatly since last autumn. At this time last year, I was starting another semester of college. Now I have graduated. I now plan to write and find other employment opportunities along with tackling more life skills which will be essential to my living an independent life, skills which I could never pick up from a college course.

It is strange to me that this will be the first autumn in a long while in which I have not had to take up a new college semester. Normally, I would be looking into new textbooks and learning what each professor required for class. Now, I have other concerns. I have mixed feelings about this change. On one hand, I am relieved to be free of the routine of preparing for and carrying out college work which did become quite hectic for me at times. On the other hand, though, I miss the pleasure I felt as I learned new information about a subject or new ways of thinking I never used before. It is hard for me to quantify everything I felt about college because I enjoyed some areas of the experience and greatly detested others. At any rate, I have many plans for my future which will allow me to learn many other things. 

I recently signed up for a one-day class about voiceover work which I will be taking later this fall. Voiceover work has always fascinated me, and in the past, I have considered finding work as a voice actor doing work for commercials, TV shows, and narration for audio books. I have heard voice actors discuss how their work is very physical in nature; they put their hearts and minds into their work to produce a convincing and compelling result that can grab an audience’s attention. I have been amazed by how powerful some people’s voice work has been and the kind of sensations it caused me to feel, and I now want to see how such spectacular results are created on the other side of the microphone. I feel this class might lead to a side career for me in the field of voice work, and I would be interested in learning what kinds of employment opportunities are available for this profession.     

My parents and I have had many discussions this summer regarding what I have to learn in order to be independent. With their help, I plan on working on many different areas of my life to make this happen for myself. My mother and I will be working on compiling a “how-to” book as a reference guide for the skills I need to work on.

One area relates to food. I plan on learning how to cook the foods that I eat regularly and new foods so I will be able to add more variety to my diet. I know how to prepare certain foods for breakfast and lunch, but I still largely depend on my parents to provide me with my dinner meals. I would like to be able to prepare meals for dinner and other types of foods on the stove and by using the microwave. Some other areas regarding food that my parents are going to be working with me on are cleaning out and washing the refrigerator, making sure I check expiration dates on my food, learning what to look for when food is spoiled and the proper way to dispose of it, and utilizing coupons.

I will also be learning how to do more household chores such as dusting and household maintenance and more about taking care of myself. I am proud to say that I have just learned how to shave myself using an electric razor.

I know that I need to work on my telephone skills. Sometimes when I have conversations on the telephone, I get confused and have trouble figuring out what to say to people. I can misunderstand the meaning behind what other people are saying to me, and if I interpret their meaning the wrong way, I end up saying something completely unrelated to the conversation. Thus, it takes me a bit of time to realize what they actually meant. My parents and I will be writing what my mother calls different “scripts” or “dialogues” for specific purposes such as calling the doctor’s office when I am ill which I will then practice. These dialogues will also be added to my book for me to reference when I need to make phone calls. 

With my dad’s help, I will be learning new exercise routines which will increase my level of physical fitness to a more acceptable level. During my time in college, I did not have much time to exercise; I only had a couple of hours of free time in the morning and in the evening, and during those times I did not feel very motivated to exercise. Lately I have been walking daily with my father, going farther and farther each day and have managed to lose a few pounds. I have also begun a routine with exercise bands. Both of these activities have made me feel more self-confident as I have grown stronger, and I want to see what else I can do to improve my physical condition.

I have also been thinking about what I could do to look for employment opportunities and prepare for them. I recently bought some books on job interviews which I will read to learn some basic information on how to conduct myself during an interview. I also plan on looking for videos either on the internet or by purchasing them to further help me understand the interview process. Then, I will move on to doing some practice interviews. 

Looking for more writing work is also a priority of mine. With my parents’ help, I plan on scouring the job search websites for employment opportunities along with looking through the newspaper classifieds. I am currently working on a short story that I hope to have published when I am finished editing it. I also have other ideas in various stages of development that I am working on that I hope to have published. So, I have to find avenues to publish my work as well. 

I have many new things to practice and learn, and I am excited about expanding my capabilities. I will provide updates as to my progress in each of these areas. The good thing is that I now have a lot of time to devote to learning about these things. With help from my parents, the resources I can utilize, and a bit of determination, I know I can succeed at anything I want to in life. It will take some knowledge, skill, and a positive attitude. Nothing can stop me.