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Autism After 16 and You

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Welcome to Autism After 16. We hope you find this website useful. It's our mission at AA16 to try to provide you with information and analysis on adult autism issues. This website arose out of the desire to help adults with ASD and their families make sense of the morass of information and misinformation out there.  

We are not here to tell you what to do, who to hire, or what to buy. We are here to try to help provide some tools for you to make thoughtful decisions about trajectory for adults on the autism spectrum. It's our hope that we can do some of the research, analysis, and synthesis of information for you. Then we'll report back in an accessible manner.  

Most of the contributors to this site have personal connections to autism. Those that don't are here because they understand how much we need communities to get involved with our population's issues.  

Guest essayists who are also service providers have contributed to AA16 at our invitation. We've asked these contributors to write on topics specific to their expertise. While we provide links to their websites, it's still up to you to evaluate whether their services match your family's needs.  

We've also included a section, called Life Skills, that contains a variety of previewed videos and step-by-step instructions on components of independent living. Some of these "How-Tos" are simple, others are fairly complex. We will touch on everything from household chores to dating. We hope you will refer to these yourself, or utilize them with your adult child or student to help teach and generalize skills. Please note that some videos may contain skills which require support or training.  You must determine which are appropriate for you, your adult child, or your student to use safely.  Also note that because these videos have been embedded from other websites, they may contain pop-up ads.

AA16 is a work in progress. We will add and update information frequently, so please visit us often. As information changes and new services, programs, and agencies are developed, we will add more links to existing articles.  

There's a saying that the experience of living with autism is a marathon, not a sprint. Take this to heart. You will hear us urge you, time and again, to think about lifespan, not the short term. There are no easy answers here. But there is dialogue to help you make the most of all your resources: Time, talent, money, and community.

AA16 isn't about us, it's about you. Even when one of us is sharing a personal story, its purpose is to engage with you. So engage with us. Let us know what you think, what you are experiencing, what you want us to cover. Ask us questions, point us to information, and participate in our surveys so that we can help our larger communities understand our experiences.  

On behalf of everyone at AA16I thank you for joining us. It's good to have company when running that marathon.

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AA16 has been a wonderful resource for me and the individuals and families I serve. I help in the transition from school to post secondary services. I refer to your site for my knowledge (thank you all contributors) and pass it along to clients and families. Thank you for your efforts! Keep it up.

Thank You

Thank you for your kind words. We intend to continue to make Autism After 16 a robust website to help serve the needs of autistic adults and their families.