Benjamin Kellogg is a 21-year-old adult with autism. He lives in upstate New York and recently completed an Associate's degree in Arts and Humanities and Social Science, with a concentration in writing. His hobbies include participating in Special Olympics, playing piano, hanging out with his family and friends, playing videogames, and especially, enjoying good books.

Watching Sunsets

Over the course of the summer, my mother and I have been heading out to a park near our house to watch the sunset. 

Deep Cleaning

About once every summer, my mother and I make a concerted effort to clean my room out of books, magazines, and other paraphernalia which I am no longer actively reading or using. 

County Fair Memories

During the July 4th holiday, I visited the county fair with my mom, a few of my aunts and uncles, and my cousin. 

Working on My Handicap

In the past few years, I have attempted to play a lot of sports, from baseball to soccer and even floor hockey.  

Writing a Future

I have been thinking lately about what kinds of writing I want to do in the future.

Clearing A Path

Now that I have graduated from college, my parents are again emphasizing the importance of life skills with me.