Benjamin Kellogg is a 21-year-old adult with autism. He lives in upstate New York and recently completed an Associate's degree in Arts and Humanities and Social Science, with a concentration in writing. His hobbies include participating in Special Olympics, playing piano, hanging out with his family and friends, playing videogames, and especially, enjoying good books.

A Day of Diversions

Last Sunday, I had something that I have not had in a very long time. I had a day of rest. 

Dealing with Illness

I know that for most people my age, dealing with illnesses like the common cold is a simple thing to do. 

Learning to Live Independently

In a few months, I will be graduating from college. 

Next Steps

For the past few years I have been thinking more and more about what type of work I want to pursue as a writer.


Since my last column, my Grandma has passed away. 

Remembering Grandma

As of this writing, my Grandma is currently staying in a hospital.