Michele Langlo is a wife, freelance journalist, digital artist, and mother to a twenty-five year old son, Cody, who's autistic.

Though not every moment of Cody's life growing up has been the easiest, Michele wouldn't give a moment of it away. Cody is a gift from God to Michele, and has taught her more about life than any other single individual she knows.

Michele and her husband, Bill, said their vows over twenty years ago, and are still going strong.

Michele loves to ride horses and Harleys. She loves fishing and hunting, hiking and camping. She enjoys cooking--especially Italian food. But most importantly, she is a devout Christian who owes everything to God for the multitide of blessings he has given her.

Desperately Seeking Services

Little did we know, the fight we would have to face to get him into a program that either we could afford to pay for out of pocket, or that state funds would subsidize.

Community Service

We just had Cody’s quarterly meeting. His caseworker told us he was not yet at his spending limit for services. 

Finding Comfort

The Saturday evening before last would prove to be the start of a trial which Cody had never experienced until that night. 

Measuring Self-Esteem

I will never forget that moment when my son stood looking at a snapshot of himself standing on the beach, wearing only a pair of swim trunks. 

A Bittersweet Christmas

While holiday stress is a common phenomenon among many people, the closest we typically get to that around our house is the anticipation of Christmas Eve. 

Familiar Faces

Last Tuesday my sister Connie had to have a surgery.