Michele Langlo is a wife, freelance journalist, digital artist, and mother to a twenty-five year old son, Cody, who's autistic.

Though not every moment of Cody's life growing up has been the easiest, Michele wouldn't give a moment of it away. Cody is a gift from God to Michele, and has taught her more about life than any other single individual she knows.

Michele and her husband, Bill, said their vows over twenty years ago, and are still going strong.

Michele loves to ride horses and Harleys. She loves fishing and hunting, hiking and camping. She enjoys cooking--especially Italian food. But most importantly, she is a devout Christian who owes everything to God for the multitide of blessings he has given her.

Managing Meds

In a column I wrote several months ago I told you about our trip to the Social Security Office ...

Special Connections

Last Thursday, we met with Cody’s case manager, program manager and supervisor at his day program for his quarterly review. 

Change for the Better

Like many people who have ASD, Cody has a strong aversion to change. He’s very routine-oriented and very geared toward structure and organization. 

Fitting In

Cody appears to sometimes wander aimlessly, pacing back and forth and rambling on with what seems to be an endless stream of echolalia. But his behavior is not always random and meaningless. 

Sensory Association

Given Cody’s tactile nature, he has a strong inclination to touch and feel any plant, tree or animal if we don’t specifically explain the dangers or consequences that could be involved. 

Mystery Illness

Cody used to have a habit of eating too fast and not chewing his food properly. When he engaged in this behavior his food would not digest well which resulted in him becoming sick.