Rebecca Faye Smith Galli is a freelance writer and columnist who resides in Lutherville, Maryland.  She serves on the Board of Directors for Pathfinders for Autism.  You can learn more about her and read more of her work at From Where I Sit.

Balancing Act

We’d prepared a Madison feast. Seven of us had gathered to celebrate a "floating holiday" together. 

Floating Holidays

It wasn’t my idea. Three weeks ago, she asked if Madison would be home before the holidays. 

Hiring Help

It’s that time again. Time to replenish the reservoir of talented folks who help me manage life—mine and Madison’s, my 20-year-old daughter with autism.

Flat Tires and Better Days

It had been three weeks. The wedding, illness, and a recurring car issue had prevented our weekly visit ...

The Wedding

It was Brittany’s idea. But it took a small army to pull it off.

The Same, But Different

Either way, I knew I was going to cry.

My son answered the phone, covered the mouthpiece, and whispered the admission director’s name.