Liane Kupferberg Carter

Liane Kupferberg Carter

Liane Kupferberg Carter is the mother of two adult sons, one of whom has autism and epilepsy. As a community activist, she co-founded the special education PTA in her school district, as well as the town’s sports league for children with special needs, and co-authored a parent resource handbook for the school system. As a member of the Autism Speaks’ Parent Advisory Committee, she helped edit the Transition Tool Kit. She also serves on the Stakeholder Board of the Autism Science Foundation, and has reviewed grants for both organizations.

Liane is also a journalist whose articles and essays have appeared in more than 40 publications, including the New York Times parenting blog Motherlode, the Chicago Tribune, the Huffington PostParentsMcCall’sSkirt!BabbleThe Thinking Person’s Guide to AutismAutism Spectrum News, and numerous newspapers and literary journals. You can follow her on Twitter or on Facebook.

Seeing Clearly

April wasn’t only Autism Awareness Month. It was National Stress Awareness Month too. Coincidence? 

The Way You Look at Him

I see how they look at him. My 20-year-old son Mickey sits cross-legged on the bench in the neurologist’s office. A teenage girl and her mother sit catty-corner.

Our College Tour

“I don’t want to take a plane to college,” our 20-year-old son Mickey tells us. “You won’t,” my husband Marc and I reassure him. “You can go to college and still live here at home.”

Loss and Change

“I have sad news,” Mickey said, coming off the school bus. “Molly died.” Molly was a beloved administrative assistant at his school. She’d been battling lung cancer for two years. 

Friend Requests

“I miss my friend Emily so much,” my 20-year-old son Mickey says. Emily is away at a new school.

The Wild Card

“Mickey’s had a seizure.” Heart stopping words. It doesn’t matter how many times we’ve gotten that call; I never get used to it.