Benjamin Kellogg



Benjamin Kellogg is a 21-year-old adult with autism. He lives in upstate New York and recently completed an Associate's degree in Arts and Humanities and Social Science, with a concentration in writing. His hobbies include participating in Special Olympics, playing piano, hanging out with his family and friends, playing videogames, and especially, enjoying good books.

Stealing Home

I would first like to say that my family and I had a very nice Christmas.

Life Lessons at Disney World

My Thanksgiving vacation in Florida was very relaxing and fun. 

Travel Plans

By the time you read this, I will have returned from a week’s vacation in Florida with my family. 

Pushing Myself

The "Battle of the Bulge" was one of the most infamous conflicts of World War II. 

Cooking with Autism

My autism greatly affects the way I perceive the world and interact with it. 

Working Hard

A good work ethic is unquestionably one of the many important virtues that have been instilled in me by my parents.