Benjamin Kellogg



Benjamin Kellogg is a 21-year-old adult with autism. He lives in upstate New York and recently completed an Associate's degree in Arts and Humanities and Social Science, with a concentration in writing. His hobbies include participating in Special Olympics, playing piano, hanging out with his family and friends, playing videogames, and especially, enjoying good books.

Pushing Myself

The "Battle of the Bulge" was one of the most infamous conflicts of World War II. 

Cooking with Autism

My autism greatly affects the way I perceive the world and interact with it. 

Working Hard

A good work ethic is unquestionably one of the many important virtues that have been instilled in me by my parents. 

Breathing Easier

My autism has created numerous difficulties in my life, many of which I have been able to overcome. However, there are still tasks that I have to learn.

Learning to Shop

For many years when my family has taken shopping trips, my primary responsibility has been to push the shopping cart. 

Emotional Intelligence

In my last column, I discussed learning the art of good conversation.