Merope Pavlides



Merope Pavlides began her career in journalism in 1976 as a newspaper stringer. Since then, Merope has written for newspapers, magazines, and academic journals. She is the author of Animal-assisted Interventions for Individuals with Autism.

In an attempt to subsidize our higher education system, Merope has earned a BS in Journalism, an MA in Communications, a PhD in Drama, and most recently, an MS in Special Education. Her career path has included teaching college and training dogs, a similarity which is not lost on her. Merope has worked with children and adults with autism for over 15 years.  

Merope is married to Peter Emch, AA16's Publisher. Merope and Peter have two sons, one of whom is on the autism spectrum.

In addition to editing AA16, Merope offers private consulting services to families, employers, and service providers.

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