Peter Emch


Peter Emch holds a BS in Economics, an MA in Communications as well as an MBA. He is also a Certified Financial Analyst Charterholder. Peter is the President of The Emch Foundation, a family foundation which provides support for autism research and services. From 1990-2002 he was a health care services analyst for Robert W. Baird & Co., Alex. Brown & Sons, and Credit Suisse First Boston. He is married to Merope Pavlides. AA16's Editor. Peter and Merope have two sons, one of whom is on the autism spectrum.  

Finding the Right Message

In a few years my son may enter the workforce. I’ve been trying to find the right message to convey to him now so that he may be successful finding employment. 

Introduction to Roadmaps

Welcome to our Transition Roadmap page.  

Long Day's Journey into Financial Light: Part II, Private Financial Resources

When approaching retirement we tend to think about how to stretch our personal financial resources, combined with government resources like Social Security 

Long Day's Journey into Financial Light: Part I, Public Funding Sources

Imagine walking through a very long tunnel. You finally see the end of the tunnel bathed in light and feel a tremendous sense of relief, perhaps even exultation.