Zosia Zaks



Zosia Zaks, M.Ed., CRC, was diagnosed with autism at age 31. As a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor, Zaks provides job development, career support, adult life skills training, and family education to individuals on the spectrum and their loved ones. Author of numerous articles and the book Life and Love: Positive Strategies for Autistic Adults (AAPC 2006), Zaks infuses presentations, professional development workshops, and writings with multiple perspectives. In addition, Zaks teaches courses on autism at Towson University in Baltimore, Maryland; serves on the boards of several local and national autism organizations; was appointed to the Maryland Commission on Autism.

Dreaming of Summer Vacation—Maybe

The weather is warm and breezy. Kids are out of school. The pace of life seems to slow down, even just a little: It is summer. 

Treats without Tricks: Halloween Goodies for Special Diets

Halloween is that most delicious of holidays when the candy and treats are flowing freely. But what if you are one of the thousands of teenagers and adults on the autism spectrum following a special diet?

Autism Movies for Winter Break

Holiday breaks and chilly winter evenings are great for movie lovers. 

Books to be Thankful For

It is 3:00 PM on Thanksgiving and dinner isn’t for another couple of hours. Everyone is watching the football game . . . 

Tools for Social Thinking

Besides taking a social skills class to cover the basics, what can autistic adults do to enhance social comprehension?